* We:

Ginger Arnold, previous apprentice extrordinaire, was there: holding the melody with care and attention, playing the harmonies with grace and humor.

Mosa Baczewska, co-producer, was there: guiding

Robin Rose Bennett, one of my first ten apprentices, and author of Healing Magic, was there: strengthening our web, nourishing our sisterhood, lending her lovely voice to the chants.

Gretchen Gould, creator of "Herb Hill Amazing Grease" herbal ointments and our guardian angel, was there -- with her magical keyboard: keeping us tuned, jazzed, "butted up," blued, and feelin' fine.

Marie Summerwood, whose songs Let It In, Let It Go; In the Heart of My Womb; Dance in a A Circle of Women; and Tubs In, Tubs Out (The Apprentice Song) we sing, was there: evoking goddess glamour, inciting songwriting, singing from her heart to yours.

Lisa Thiel, whose songs Sacred Corn Mother and The Spirit of the Plants we sing, was there: beaming her fairy/angel/goddess energy and vocalizing ethereal harmonies.

White Feather, who tops Marie by one year only as the most frequent teacher over the past 25 years at the Wise Woman Center (not counting me, Weed, of course) , was there: guiding Neesa, Neesa, Neesa, singing the chants, drumming, and lending us her ancient wisdom and shy smile.

Special thanks to Julia Haines - harper, Recognized for her unique approach to the Celtic harp, Julia Haines is a harper among harpers.  She creates songs of immense grace and power. Gracefully weaving together the sounds of   classical, jazz  and world music with her studies of West African Kora, Julia creates a music that is evocative, filled with a radiant energy that is both intelligent and primordial.


And yours truly, Susun Weed, co-producer, whose songs It's Time to be the Goddess; Genet, Genet, You Smell So Sweet; Cerridwyn My Star, and The Goatie Goat Song we sing, was there: attending to nourishment, bubbling with joy, spiraling the energy around and around.

We all sang great on It's "Time." The joy is infectious! The sound healing is dense and rich.


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