Pressing Cider Song

© 2002, Susun S Weed and Marie Summerwood


At our Spirit Healing Intensive, we asked Marie to help us create a chant. We worked and worked, but didn't seem to get anywhere. The last night of our four-day gathering, with our high magic ritual and initiation to be celebrated in the morning, we gathered in the tipi to make a last try at our song. Soon we were despairing, and ready to give up, but Marie urged us to spend just five more minutes on it. Those five minutes saw the birth of this chant. It evokes a small part of our time together: the heady scent of the apples, the bubbly taste of the cider, the squeak of the cider press, the slanting light of a late autumn afternoon, the power of sisterhood.

Turn me in your spiral press,

'Til my sweet juices flow, Goddess.

The wheel of the year is turning, turning,

Turning into darkness.





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